gedachte, pensée, gedanke, σκέψη, 思考, pensamiento, thought…

August 31, 2010

1. Language is fundamental to our experience.

2. Each language has its own quirks and rules. Different words and syntax.

So, in this case 1+ 2 = ? What is the relationship between the language we speak and the way we experience the world? A number of years ago, the Whorf-Sapir hypothesis presented an interesting notion – that the language you speak fundamentally colors how you experience the world. In the intervening years, psychologists and linguists accrued lots of data indicating that the notion, although compelling, was not accurate. However, in the past ten years, the pendulum has swung back – new researchers, using new methodologies and asking new questions, are accumulating evidence that language can affect your experience.

An interesting topic – and here is an interesting read recently published in the New York Time’s Magazine. Enjoy.


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