running myself into the ground…

I like to run. I do it for many reasons, but the one that gets me out the door in the morning is that lovely feeling when you feel like your feet are dancing over the dirt and rocks while the sun is beginning its ascent, sending golden rays through the trees, and you feel strong and alive and connected with the world around you. Sure, that does not always happen, but it happens often enough that the days of uncomfortable, sweaty, tired slogging are forgiven and forgotten.

COTR training run – February 2011

Below are some links to race reports from some of the more recent races I have been running. You’ll see that I have developed a particular fondness for going long and dirty (trail ultramarathons) in the past few years.

Knobel 5k – April 2013

Bigfoot 50k – December 2012

Hocking Hills 40k – September 2012

Bryn Du X-C Series – July 2012

Granville Firecracker 5 – July 2012

50s for Yo Momma – May 2012 (DNF)

Forget the PR – April 2012

Granville Winter Run – February 2012

Run with Scissors Double Marathon – October 2011

Hocking Hills 60k – September 2011

Firecracker 5 – July 2011

Kettle Moraine 100 mile – June 2011

50s for Yo Momma – May 2011

Forget the PR 50k – April 2011

OPSF 50 Mile – November 2010

Hocking Hills 60k – September 2010

Forget the PR 50k – April 2010


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