50s For Yo Momma – May 2011

May 2011

Just a few weeks removed from my last race, I tackled a 50 miler here in central Ohio. “50s For Yo Momma” was held on the Saturday before Mother’s Day down near Circleville, OH. The course was a 3.8 mile loop around Lake Hargus – all trails and exceptionally muddy. There were some very steep hills, a lot of roots, several water crossings, and excellent aid from two stations. It was a great group of folks that showed up – about 40 people began the 50k run and 35 headed out to complete the 50 miler. The mud took its toll on a number of people, so not everyone made it to the finish line. Still, there were plenty of folks to chat with and encourage one another during the day. Despite having to complete 13 laps around the lake for the 50 miles (or 50.64 miles if you believe the guy with the Garmin), the time passed quickly. I started conservatively and focused on staying steady throughout the day. The plan worked, and I “cruised” into the finish in 3rd place and nearly 2 hours faster (9:09 finish time) than I had completed the distance last November. It was a great tune-up to the 100 miler that looms in just a few weeks…

At the start…
Muddy, but happy, at the finish with the race director…

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