Bryn Du X-C series – July 2012

I missed out on these races the past couple of years – or as you’ll see, I may have feared them too much.

Just two miles down the road from my house, the Bryn Du mansion has acres of open space that are used for all sorts of purposes. Weddings abound. The Granville Studio of Visual Arts is located there. Even polo – with horses and everything. The site is also used for high school cross country meets – the grounds include the home course for the Granville Blue Aces cross country team. So, every summer, RunOhio hosts a few x-c races, primarily for local high school harriers to tune-up for the fall season, but a number of “more seasoned” runners also make an appearance  – possibly to test their mettle against younger competition, to encourage younger runners, or maybe simply purge some demons of their own…

Anyhow, this year the “series” was comprised of just two races, both 3k. Because I am much more used to at least 3 hours of running, I figured 3 kilometers would be no problem. Therein was the problem. I jumped into this without much in the way of forethought, and definitely nothing in the way of actual preparation. I showed up each evening, laced up the waffle racers, and ran. However, I forgot what anaerobic running feels like. (1) It hurts. (2) You can’t think straight. (3) It really doesn’t feel good – see point 1. (4) You think you are about to implode even though you have only run a mile. (5) It is entirely a different challenge than shuffling along for 30+ miles. (6) You get a really strong endorphin rush from just a few minutes of torture.

how the course appears during the race…

My actual performance this summer was far removed from “back in the day” (my pr for the course is 10:21). I was still really happy though because my hamstring/hip was a non-issue (a bit sore the next day, but nothing of real concern), and I got a bit of positive reinforcement in that I was the first master (40+ runner) during the second race – of course it helped that a severe thunderstorm an hour before the race scared off almost all the other runners…

July 12 – 11:25, 6:08/mile, 23rd overall (90 runners), 2nd old guy

July 26 – 11:29, 6:10/mile, 8th overall (35 runners), 1st old guy


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